SUMMER IS HERE – Our Friends Are Back!!!

Summer Is Here – Our Friends Are Back!!!

Summer is the active time for ants. They become very busy during the hot season for as much collection and storage of food as possible. Not only house inhabiting ants but those occurring in other sites, fields and forests too become busy in summer.

Ants make all efforts in summer to deposit as much food as possible because they know that hard times are ahead. Cool climate makes ants inactive. During winter they remain inside which is comparatively a warmer place and depend on stored food.

Long winter is a problem time for ants and they are often confronted with a situation of food shortage. But unlike humans, they deal with food scarcity effectively by sincere cooperation and rationing.

You hardly ever see ants during winter because they cant stand the cold. So when the warm summer comes they start to go out and look for resources. They go into your houses to find different resources such as food.